Build a learning organization

Learning organizations have a strong competitive advantage. Continuous skills development is key for keeping up with the fast-changing business landscape. It also makes your organization an attractive workplace.

Some of our happy customers - join 200+ learning organizations

Build a learning organization - solve the most common challenges in L&D and HR

Attract, develop, and retain top talent

Skills development opportunities boost motivation and employee retention.

Leverage and scale internal knowledge

Involve the entire organization in training and knowledge sharing.

Encourage self-directed learning

Make training relevant, fun, and accessible. 

Future-proof internal skills capital

Make knowledge up to date with the latest industry developments.

Address multiple different skills needs

Provide personalized learning journeys.

Less time-consuming admin

Automate admin and repetitive tasks.

Boost organizational resilience

Upskill your employees and help them adapt to new work methods.

Our employees take more ownership of their own skills development.

"Today, our employees take more ownership of their own skills development. We have noticed a curiosity and drive to learn new skills. Managers have become better at identifying individual skill needs."

Mikaela Ljunggren
Learning & Development Specialist, PE Accounting
PE Accounting uses Learnster's LMS to build a growing, learning organization.
  • Increased employee retention
  • Smooth and structured internal mobility
  • Boosted employee engagement

A learning organization with Learnster's LMS - powerful tools for L&D and HR

Internal academy

Build an internal academy of both mandatory training and optional courses for career development. Make the course offering structured, organized, and searchable. High accessibility boosts self-directed learning.

Learning at the point of need

Create a one-stop-shop for all your company’s learning. From manuals, videos, and guides to handy micro learnings. Make it searchable, structured, and accessible to encourage learning at the point of need.

Personalized learning journeys

Provide personalized training based on role, skills gaps or career goals. Customize course distribution based on individual learning pace, preferences, or work schedule.

Central and local knowledge sharing

Combine general company information with local know-how for the day-to-day business. Follow up on organizational and local level.

Reduce manual admin

Automation and scalable training formats save valuable time. Reduce manual admin and preparation for recurring training sessions.

Involve the entire organization - invite subject matter experts and team managers

Leverage and scale internal knowledge. Let your subject matter experts create, contribute to, or take full ownership of training materials. Give team managers access to employee's results and progress in order to provide better coaching.

We are here to help you get started.

"At Learnster, we are here to help you get started. Our processes are designed to support all companies who wish to develop a learning organization."

Denise Wolle
Customer Success Manager, Learnster