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A learning organization with Learnster's LMS

Learning organizations live and breathe knowledge sharing. They adopt values and behaviors that help knowledge flow through the entire organization. It is a thriving ecosystem where employees learn from each other as part of their daily work. Learning opportunities are initiated top-down, bottom-up and peer-to-peer. As a result, employees can take ownership of their own development.

3 success factors for building a learning organization

1. Benefit from new technology and say goodbye to analog workload. A modern digital learning platform comes with plenty of benefits. Create and package visual, interactive and educational course material. Distribute to the right people at the right time, on any device. To provide an engaging learning experience, make sure to choose an LMS that supports all this.

2. Foster the right attitudes and behaviors. Choosing the right digital platform will get you far - but not all the way. A learning organization is dependent on people as well as technology. Foster the right attitudes and behaviors to optimize knowledge sharing and learning.

3. Dedicate time and continuous work. Building a learning organization does not happen overnight. It requires continuous work. Make sure that your organization has the right processes and priorities in place. Start small and advance step by step.

At Learnster, we help you get started through clear and efficient onboarding.

Our processes support all companies aspiring to become learning organizations.
Portrait of Denise Wolle, Customer Success Manager at Learnster
Denise Wolle
Customer Success Manager, Learnster
Growing organizations chose Learnster for their learning needs
Learnster - Involve Subject Matter Experts
Involve Subject Matter Experts
Learnster Knowledge Repository solution icon
Knowledge Repository
Learnster Learning Portal solution icon
Learning Portal
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Customized Learning Journeys
Learnster Self-Driven Development solution icon
Self-Driven Development
Learnster Decentralized Learning solution icon
Decentralized Learning

Your solutions for building a learning organization

We have gathered Learnster's key features for building a learning organization into 6 complete solutions. These are designed to solve the most common challenges that our customers face.

Maximize the business value of Learnster and get a quick start with a fit-for-purpose implementation of the platform.

Building a learning organization

This playbook aims to provide inspiration and practical tips on how to build a learning organization using Learnster's LMS.

PE Academy built with Learnster's catalog function
Customer Case study

Being a learning organization is in PE Accounting's DNA

PE Accounting uses Learnster's LMS to deliver onboarding and skills development that support organizational growth.

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Learning Culture

When your organizational goal is to develop a learning culture over time.
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