Customer education & partner training

Boost the knowledge of your products and services - and improve the experience across all your customer touchpoints. Provide meaningful training to your customers, client-facing employees, partners, resellers, distributors, and other external stakeholders.

With 200+ customers, you are in good company

Improve the customer experience and leverage your partner network - with customer education in Learnster

World-class customer onboarding reduces time to adoption (implementation phase)

Give your customers a great first impression! Successful onboarding helps your customers get started. Reduce the time it takes to adopt and see value in your products or services.

Boost your company’s NPS (net promoter score)

Understanding the value of your products or services is a prerequisite for your customers to recommend them to others. Customer training boosts knowledge and makes your customers feel cared for.

Enable your employees to provide better service

Employees with solid knowledge of your products and services provide better customer experience. Give your Customer Success Managers and Customer Support Representatives meaningful, customer-centric training.

Reduce CAC (customer acquisition cost) with effective customer training

An efficient implementation phase consumes less of your organization's resources. Create better understanding of your solutions and help your customers adopt your products or services.

Harness and scale specialist knowledge

Involve your product specialists and other experts in training and course production. Both internally to your employees and externally to your customers, partners, and distribution network.

Safe and certified use of your products and services

Share clear guidelines on how to use and sell your products or services in a safe and compliant way.

Maximize interaction and minimize churn risk

Customers who interact with and see value in your offering are less likely to leave you. Provide training and leverage touchpoints to drive customer engagement. Make your products or services part of your customers’ everyday.

Less time-consuming admin

Automate manual admin and repetitive tasks.

Reduced support tickets with just-in-time learning

Provide accessible and bite-sized learning resources and reduce the need for 1:1 support. Just-in-time learning removes friction (and frustration!) when your customer gets stuck.

Simplify complex or technical information

Use a variety of formats and learning environments to package technical knowledge in a simple, illustrative way.

Leverage your network of partners and resellers

Better knowledge, better performance from your resellers and partners. Ensure your network is up to date with your brand and portfolio of products and services. Training helps them become better at selling your solutions and representing your company.

Now we get more out of our customer training.

Emma Nicklasson
Product Specialist, Nordic Medcom
Case study: Happy and confident customers at Nordic Medcom
  • Certified customers
  • Preparatory training
  • Efficient use of practical training sessions

Powerful tools for customer education and partner training

Customized learning journeys

Customize training and information sharing. Create workflows and distribute courses and other learning resources based on customer account, user type, or geographic location.

A one-stop shop for training and important information

Make all your learning resources searchable, structured, and organized. Gather all relevant training courses in one place. Enable learning on demand by making manuals, guides, and FAQs accessible at the fingertip.

User finished Dataprotection course GDPR and downloading compliance certificate in Learnster

Compliance training ensures authorized use and selling of your products and services

Share mandatory certification courses and compliance training. Send automated reminders and set up time intervals for recertification and retake periods.

Test the knowledge levels and follow up on training

Ensure that your learners have sufficient knowledge with quizzes and surveys.

User-friendly course production

Build learning resources with simple drag-n-drop. Combine a variety of formats in Learnster's user-friendly authoring tool.

Highlight and visualize the details

The devil is in the details. Highlight and visualize important pieces of complex or technical information - down to the very detail.

Involve your subject matter experts and product specialists in training

Harness and scale specialist knowledge. Let your subject matter experts and product specialists create, contribute to, or take full ownership of learning resources.

Keep your customer in the loop

Give those responsible for training in your customer's organization access to their learners' progress.

We are here to help you get started.

"At Learnster, we are here to help you get started. Our processes are designed to support all companies who wish to develop effective customer education and partner training."

Denise Wolle
Customer Success Manager, Learnster