Effective onboarding of customers and partners
Improved customer experience and reduced support tickets
Increased customer satisfaction and NPS in the product or services company

Profitable customer education for product and services providers

The contract is signed and the deal is closed. Now the hard work begins for those in Customer Success and Customer Education. As a provider of products or services, your success depends on your customers’ ability to understand and see value in your solutions.

Ensure a timely and up-to-date delivery of important information about your products or services. Create impactful and profitable training programs for both customers or partners.

3 success factors for profitable customer & partner training

1. Streamline customer onboarding and improve the organization’s KPIs. Save valuable time and resources with customer onboarding in a modern LMS. Make use of text, images and videos to create a powerful learning experience. Use automation rules to distribute the course material based on a set time interval. A digital environment also provides better opportunities for follow-up.

2. Boost profitability through virtual meetings. Traveling far and wide to train your customers and partners is not particularly sustainable. Neither financially, nor environmentally. Virtual classroom training saves travel expenses and caters for larger groups of participants. You can also record your sessions for those who want to recap and repeat. Host live training and distribute e-courses in Learnster’s LMS.

3. Improve the quality with up-to-date and relevant information. Involve your internal subject matter experts. Use Learnster’s admin roles to invite product specialists, engineers or other experts to create, update or review course content. Small updates can have a major impact. The devil is in the details. Leave nothing to chance.

Customer Onboarding
Knowledge Repository
Customized Learning Journeys
Self-Driven Development
Decentralized Learning

Your solutions for profitable customer education

We have gathered Learnster's key features for profitable customer education into 4 complete solutions. These are designed to solve the most pressing challenges that our customers face.

Maximize the business value of Learnster and get a quick start with a fit-for-purpose implementation of the platform.
Customer Case study

Nordic Medcom: "Now we get more out of our customer education!"

Learnster helps Nordic Medcom improve customer education

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When your organizational goal is to achieve immediate business results through training.
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