Support those affected by war - a letter from a Learnster team member

Dear reader,

I work as a Developer at Learnster and live in Kyiv, Ukraine. As you are probably aware, war is raging in Ukraine, and it is a dark and decisive time for our nation. War changes everything. So many of our people are suffering because of it. Some lost their homes, some lost close relatives and friends. Some lost their lives. I lost my friend from university. She died in Kharkiv while trying to replenish her food supplies. She was hit by artillery and was killed just outside her own home.

Everywhere in Ukraine, there are tens of thousands of histories like this. Everyday, dozens - if not hundreds - die. This is not a bloodless war between two mad men, or a fight over control of resources. This is a war of existence. The outcome will decide whether we will keep our independence. Or, whether Ukraine will become a puppet state and forced into other wars led by "the empire". Born and raised a European, I can not stand such injustice so I do everything in my power to help.

Now I ask for your help. All Ukrainians are confident that we will win the war - but at what price? If "the free world" is willing to help, victory will be more swift and less bloody.

I ask you to consider the following:

  1. Put pressure on your local/national government. The more pressure they feel, the more they have to think about how to best help Ukraine,  
  2. Discuss the war with your friends and relatives. The more aware and vocal we are, the more pressure it will put on the government to act.
  3. Donate to the Ukrainian armed forces. We have a strong volunteer movement in the Ukraine called Come Back Alive. Every day, they supply our soldiers with gear that helps them gain an edge over the enemy.

I can not stress enough how important this is - not only for Ukraine, but for all of Europe. Let us stop this madness together, once and for all.

Thank you,

Andrii Dubonos

The Red Cross helps people affected by the war in Ukraine.