New and upcoming features in Learnster’s LMS

We are continuously developing the Learnster Platform. Below is a summary of new and upcoming features.

Learnster x Teamtailor

Integrate Learnster into your Teamtailor recruitment process. Add a Learnster Experience to improve the preboarding and to give your new employees the best possible introduction to the company. Follow up with onboarding in Learnster throughout the first crucial weeks of employment.

Learn more about Learnster’s Teamtailor integration and how to drive engagement through 4 simple steps.

Dynamic course completion criteria

We have added additional criteria for course completion. Choose between automated or manually approved completion. The completion status can also be subject to change based on added course content, or remain static regardless of future course updates.

Statistics all the way down to page level

Analyze the big picture or drill all the way down to page-level when assessing your course offering. Choose course-view to filter data based on enrolled course participants, including their feedback to you as course administrator.

Alternatively, you can view stats based on all those who have access to the course through the library.

Recommend courses to your peers

Make others aware of great training opportunities. Whether you want to encourage your team to upskill or tell your fellow co-workers about useful learning resources, you can easily do so by sharing courses within Learnster.

As an initiator, you can later follow up and see whether your recommendation was acted upon.

Feedback on the course content

Let the learners speak up! Now course participants are able to contribute to the content quality and future course improvements.

Each completed course page is followed by an interactive feedback section. Simply mark the emoji that best represents your learning experience or drop a quick comment.

Learnster U supports 10 languages

Provide learning experiences in 10 different languages! Learnster U supports American English, British English, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, German, Dutch, Polish and Simplified Chinese.

Host online meetings - directly in the Learnster Platform

Schedule, invite and host online meetings directly in the Learnster Platform. No installation or user set-up required. Using the desktop version, the meeting will simply launch in a new tab whilst attendees on the go can join through the Learnster Roundtable App (available through most app marketplaces).

In addition, we have improved the support and integration of external meeting software such as Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom.

Unsplash integration

Source imagery from one of the Internet's largest libraries for free-to-use stock photos - directly in Learnster’s course editing tool. Synchronized with Unsplash, Learnster curates and suggests relevant images based on the course name.

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