When you succeed, we succeed!

Customer NPS rating:
“Our Customer Success Team is here to help your organization succeed with Learnster. "
"At the end of your onboarding, we define the next step together. Move forward independently or with the help from our Customer Success team."
Portrait of Anette Andersson, Head of Customer Success at Learnster

Anette Andersson

Head of Customer Success

Additional services

We offer the following additional services to our customers

Problem-solving workshops

Our workshops are focused on solving challenges specific to your organization. The goal is for you to gain a clear and distinct picture of what you and your organization need to do in order to get the most out of your Learnster platform.

Learning Design & Course Production courses

We offer in-depth training in Learning Design or Course Production in Learnster. To anchor the knowledge, we provide individual coaching as a complement to the more general course work.

Content production

We produce course content for you. The material is produced in accordance with educational principles that provide the absolute best conditions for learning and development.

Third-party integrations

We help you integrate with different types of third-party systems. It can be anything from API integration to your HR-systems or Azure AD, to ensuring that Single Sign-On is set up correctly.

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