Drive passion and long-term engagement
Categorize mandatory and optional training
Knowledge sharing on both organizational and branch level

Drive long-term volunteer engagement

Mandatory training in a voluntary role can be a challenge. Many volunteers must complete training on topics beyond the passion, which may have a demotivating effect. To drive volunteer engagement, education needs to have a positive impact on the motivation. Make volunteer training simple, fun and inspiring!

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3 success factors for impactful volunteer training

1. Keep the volunteers’ drive and engagement. Mandatory training in a voluntary role can be a challenge. Aim to create a balance between passion and chores. A digital academy of inspirational and optional courses can be a rewarding addition to mandatory training.

2.Lower the barriers to learning. Simplify “boring” (i.e. complicated) course material. Split up heavy workload into smaller, bite-sized learning and microlearning. Combine classroom training with self-paced online courses. Make use of text, images and videos and ensure compatibility with all devices.

3. Automate and streamline. Admin should take up as little time as possible. Streamline your processes and maximize the value of your training interventions. This is especially true for non-profit organizations, with oftentimes limited resources. Automate everyday admin and onboarding programs with Learnster’s automation rules.

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Your solutions for volunteer training

We have categorized our key features for impactful volunteer training into 5 main solutions. These are directly linked with the most common challenges our customers face in volunteer training.

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Case study

More engagement - with impactful volunteer training

The Swedish Red Cross uses Learnster's LMS to deliver impactful volunteer training that boosts motivation and encourages peer-to-peer knowledge sharing.