Impactful volunteer training

Boost knowledge levels and build engagement with fun and meaningful learning experiences. Make volunteer training more impactful with Learnster.

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Boost knowledge and build engagement - with impactful volunteer training

A speedy introduction of volunteers and employees

Time is precious in the world of volunteering. Make sure that new members of the organization quickly get up to speed.

A personalized learning experience

Share relevant information and training based on role, project, function, or geographic location.

Sufficient knowledge across the entire organization

Assign and follow up on training and information. Keep track of the internal knowledge levels.

Build and retain engagement

Provide fun and meaningful learning experiences that boost long-term engagement.

Lowered barriers to learning

Your volunteers may need to study subjects beyond their interests. Lower the barriers to learning and simplify "boring" (i.e. complicated) learning material.

Share relevant and important information at the point of need

Provide quick and easy access to relevant learning resources based on project, intervention, or type of work.

Harness and scale the organization's knowledge

Your organization sits on a wealth of knowledge. Harness and share it with each other.

Automate, optimize, and streamline

Let the day-to-day ops take up as little time as possible. Reduce the need for manual admin and repetitive tasks.

We have seen an increase in both course production and course completion.

Helena Sandström
Head of Digital Learning, The Swedish Red Cross

Improved knowledge and increased engagement at the Swedish Red Cross

The Swedish Red Cross uses Learnster's LMS to deliver impactful volunteer training that boosts motivation and encourages peer-to-peer knowledge sharing.

  • Higher course completion rates
  • More internal course production
  • Skills development is a natural part of the day-to-day work
  • Better resources for internal mobility

Powerful tools for impactful volunteer training

Personalized learning journeys

Training and information customized to role description, project, task, or geographic location. Distribute learning materials based on introduction phase, learning journey, study pace, or individual preference.

One authoring tool, thousands of possibilities

Build your own courses, for your own organization's unique needs and purposes. Make information more inspiring and easy-to-digest by combining texts, images and videos. Make use of both online classroom training and self-paced courses.

Harness and share local and specialist knowledge

Leverage valuable knowledge from across entire the organization. Involve your subject matter experts in course production. With Learnster's flexible admin roles, you can invite members of the organization to create, update, or take full ownership of learning materials. With Learnster's user-friendly authoring tool, it is easy to get started!

A one-stop shop for all training (both mandatory and optional)

Help your volunteers and employees find the training they need, when they need it. Learnster's catalog function makes your course offering organized, structured, and searchable.

Just-in-time (JIT) learning

Enable learning at the point of need with Learnster Resources. Collect, structure, and categorize all your organization's learning resources. Make your manuals, guides, videos, and useful documents searchable and accessible at your fingertips.

Follow up on the progress and test the knowledge levels

Ensure that the members of your organization have sufficient knowledge. Tests, quizzes, and surveys help you identify and address potential knowledge gaps.

Less admin and higher quality with automation

Automate admin and repetitive tasks with Learnster's automation rules. Save valuable time and ensure quality at every step of the learning journey.

We are here to help you get started.

"At Learnster, we are here to help you get started. Our processes are designed to support all organizations, charities, and NGOs wishing to develop impactful volunteer training."

Denise Wolle
Customer Success Manager, Learnster