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More engagement - with impactful volunteer training

The Swedish Red Cross uses Learnster's LMS to deliver impactful volunteer training that boosts motivation and encourages peer-to-peer knowledge sharing.
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Successful charity work is built on strong passion and engagement among volunteers. Training interventions must therefore have a positive impact on the motivation.

Helena Sandström, Head of Digital Learning, the Swedish Red Cross
"It should be easy to learn from each other and to access customized learning material whenever you need it."


Maintaining motivation when training is mandatory

Volunteers are motivated people with a passion to make a difference in the world. But it can be difficult to maintain long-term motivation when the role includes mandatory training. It is therefore a top priority to make sure volunteers feel happy, included, and that training provides opportunities to grow with the organization.

Providing the right training, at the right time

Volunteers should be able to access the training they need, whenever they need it. Relevant learning resources based on role and mission should be made accessible and easy to find.

Valuable knowledge can get stuck in silos

Many volunteers have years of valuable experience and knowledge. The Swedish Red Cross wants to encourage volunteers to learn from each other. With peer-to-peer learning, the organization can harness, scale, and benefit from internal knowledge. Both on HQ level and across the entire organization.


Personalized learning journeys

Giving volunteers the best possible support, The Swedish Red Cross uses Learnster to personalize training. They use blended learning environments to deliver training on both central and local level. Training combines basic courses based on role types with local adaptation to make the learning experience as relevant as possible.

An accessible internal academy

The Swedish Red Cross uses Learnster's catalog function to give volunteers easy access to introduction courses, mandatory training, and optional training for personal development.

"We have used many platforms throughout the years, but Learnster's platform is the most user-friendly."

- Helena Sandström, Head of Digital Learning, the Swedish Red Cross

Involving local subject matter experts

In order to keep courses relevant and up to date, the L&D department collaborates with subject matter experts in the local units. With Learnster's flexible admin roles, they get invited to contribute to the course production. The user-friendly authoring tool further helps subject matter experts share their knowledge

Virtual sessions are a great way for volunteers to come together, share knowledge, and to get sense of belonging. The Swedish Red Cross regularly hosts virtual scheduled sessions for volunteers across the country to share local knowledge with the broader organization.


Higher course completion rates

Today, it is easier for volunteers to sign up for and complete training programs. As a result, the Swedish Red Cross has seen an increased course completion rate.

More peer-to-peer learning

Volunteers learn from each other. The L&D team has seen an increase in knowledge sharing and course production within the entire organization.

Skills development part of the day-to-day work

With better opportunities for point-of-need learning, skills development has become a natural part of the day-to-day work. Volunteers are better able to search and find the information they need, whenever they need it.

Better resources for internal mobility

With better access to learning resources, it has become easier to identify skills gaps and required training, which is helpful for internal mobility.

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