Learnster's integrations

Create an HR ecosystem by integrating Learnster’s LMS with internal HR-systems or other third-party systems.

Integrate Learnster with other systems through open API:s

Open API:s allow you to integrate Learnster’s LMS with other systems such as internal HR tools. Use in-house IT expertise or Learnster’s support to build integrations with everything from comprehensive HR systems to CRM tools.

Integrate with other systems through Learnster’s file-based integration

In cases where API is not possible, Learnster supports file-based integration.

Simplified logins through Single Sign On (SSO)

Organizations using multiple systems often choose to centralize user logins and authentications through Single Sign On (SSO). This allows employees to log into multiple systems using only one set of credentials.

Learnster’s SSO integration has a simple set-up. Automate user management and simplify the user login. Learnster supports the following SSOs:

  • Azure AD
  • Okta
  • SCIM
  • SAML
  • OpenID Connect


Learnster’s LMS provides the following integrations:

Learnster can be integrated with most modern HR platforms. Below is a selection of some of our integrations.
Teamtailor logo

Personalize your Teamtailor recruitment process with Learnster Experiences. Give yourself - and your future employees - the best possible start on the hiring journey!


Learnster’s integration with HiBob automates the creation and management of user accounts. Personalize your employee training and reduce time-consuming admin.

CatalystOne logo

Learnster's integration with CatalystOne automates account creation and user management. Create personalized course workflows and reduce administration.

BambooHR logo

Integrate Learnster with BambooHR to automate user management and personalize course workflows. Provide a relevant learning experience and reduce time-consuming admin.

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