LMS integrations -
build your own ecosystem

Create your very own ecosystem of HR and L&D technologies. Integrate Learnster's LMS with other third-party systems and existing platforms across your organization's tech stack.

With an LMS integration, your learning management system can receive and share data with your organization's software. It will help you automate and streamline processes and repetitive admin tasks.

Benefit from useful tools that can be used together with Learnster to make life easier. Embed interactive media for a powerful learning experience.
HR & HCM Systems

Integrate Learnster's LMS with your organization's HR and HCM Systems

Provide personalized learning journeys and keep admin to a minimum. Learnster's LMS can be integrated with most modern HR and HCM (Human Capital Management) systems.
Teamtailor logo

Personalize your Teamtailor recruitment process with Learnster Experiences. Give yourself - and your future employees - the best possible start on the hiring journey!


Learnster’s integration with HiBob automates the creation and management of user accounts. Personalize your employee training and reduce time-consuming admin.

Integrate Learnster with Personio’s HR solution to automate account setup and user management. Give your employees personalized learning journeys with minimum admin.

BambooHR logo

Integrate Learnster with BambooHR to automate user management and personalize course workflows. Provide a relevant learning experience and reduce time-consuming admin.

Heartpace logo

Integrate Learnster's LMS with Heartpace to automate and streamline the setup and management of user accounts. Kickstart your employees’ learning journeys - without time-consuming admin.

CatalystOne logo

Learnster's integration with CatalystOne automates account creation and user management. Create personalized course workflows and reduce administration.

Learnster's integration with Flex HRM lets you provide relevant learning experiences with minimum admin. Automate the setup and management of user accounts and provide individual learning journeys.

Use MuchSkills and Learnster to map internal skills as well as identify and address skill gaps. 

course libraries

Access your course libraries and off-the-shelf content - directly in Learnster

Distribute your off-the-shelf content via Learnster. Share courses on topics such as Leadership, Productivity, GDPR, and Health & Safety. Use as a complement to your internally produced content, or rely fully on a ready-to-use course offering.

Access off-the-shelf courses from GoodHabitz - directly in Learnster. Choose from a library of hundreds of top-quality courses in over 16 languages. Build your L&D strategy with a rich variety of learning resources.

Benefit from iHasco's extensive library of more than 150 accredited, high-quality courses on Health & Safety, HR, Compliance and Soft Skills.

Add inspiring TedTalks to your learning resources. Enjoy influential videos from expert speakers on education, business, science, tech and creativity with subtitles in 100+ languages.

Media players & interactive videos

Embed media players, interactive videos and dialog simulations into your courses

Level up your course offering with fun and engaging elements, such as AI dialog simulations and interactive videos. Roleplaying and scenario-based training are powerful and interactive learning formats with plenty of opportunities. Test your learners’ practical knowledge, or practice skills in a real-life setting.

Add Fictive Reality's VR technology to your training program in Learnster. Use the AI powered dialog simulator to practice scenarios or test practical knowledge. The user-friendly authoring tool and talking avatars can train any role within your organization.

Embed Blue Billywig's interactive videos to your course offering for a fun and engaging learning experience. Let your video content come to life!

Embed your YouTube videos into your courses for a rich and engaging learning experience.

Learnster's LMS supports videos created in Dream Broker Studio. Embed into your courses for a fun and impactful learning experience. 

Inform and inspire your employees with video. Embed your Vimeo videos into your courses.

webinars and virtual meetings

Host and join webinars and online classes in Learnster

Connect, collaborate and learn from anywhere. Learnster's LMS supports a variety of popular virtual meeting and webinar tools.

Use Google Meet to schedule, host and join real-time meetings and online classes in Learnster.

Create a workspace for real-time collaboration, communication and meetings with Microsoft Teams

Host and join webinars or create virtual classrooms in Learnster using Zoom.

export & packaging

Distribute SCORM compliant courses with Learnster

Distribute your SCORM compliant courses or content produced with third-party authoring tools or learning platforms in Learnster’s LMS.

Learnster’s LMS supports SCORM compliant learning modules. The authoring tool lets you easily upload SCORM files along with other content.

SSO (single sign-on)

Simplify logins with SSO (single sign-on)

Organizations using multiple systems benefit from centralizing their user logins and authentications. SSO (single sign-on) allows your employees to log into multiple systems using only one set of credentials.

Integrate Learnster with Azure AD to automate user management and simplify user logins.

Learnster's integration with OKTA lets you automate user management and simplify user logins. 

Automate user provisioning and data management with Learnster's SCIM support.

Benefit from secure and simplified user logins with Learnster's SAML support.

Learnster supports OpenID Connect for simple and secure user logins.

Integrate Learnster with other systems through open API:s

Open API:s allow you to integrate Learnster's LMS with other systems. Use in-house IT expertise or Learnster's support to build your integrations.

Integrate with other systems through Learnster's file-based integration

In cases where API is not possible, Learnster supports file-based integration.