Learnster AI: Adaptive learning, powered by live data and AI

Learnster AI delivers adaptive learning with unparalleled precision and efficiency, harnessing the power of real-time data and cutting-edge AI to tailor unique learning experiences for each learner.

Supercharge your company IQ on any topic.

Assist any learning topic in an instant

Learnster’s advanced API powers the next generation of learning intelligence.

Learnster AI marks the future of learning - everywhere!

Learnster AI - Supercharge 2024

Automatically harvest learning data from every source. From LMS to Online.

Use generative AI to create private learning models

Your personal AI, trained on your resources, ready to answer all your learning questions!

Curious about Learnster AI?

In this unconditional meeting, we take a first look at your organization's needs and expectations. Let us show you how our unique AI technology can create wonders - both for you as an organization and for your employees.
Urban Pettersson
Client Director