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Knowledge sharing in 4 steps with Learnster's LMS

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Learnster is the LMS (Learning Management System) of tomorrow for learning organizations aspiring to achieve maximum learning in minimum time.

Take knowledge sharing to the next level. Learnster's cutting-edge technology creates new ways of communicating and sharing information with the entire organization. Save valuable time with Learnster's smart Automation Rules. The revolutionary Knowledge Gap AI pinpoints individual learning priorities.

Involve subject matter experts in creating everything from micro learnings and single courses, to onboarding schemes and dynamic training programs. Share with employees, customers and partners.

1. Involve your subject matter experts

Encourage knowledge sharing! Invite your subject matter experts to create, update, or take ownership of training material.

2. Create content directly in Learnster

Create content with simple drag-n-drop. Completely from scratch, or through course templates.

3. Package for impact

Choose how you want to share knowledge. Package into online courses, virtual or physical classroom training, or microlearning. Or why not a combination of all?

4. Share with the right people, at the right time

Share knowledge with the right people, at the right time. Create personalized learning journeys and curated academies. 


Get the insights you need

  • Admin analytics dashboard
  • Detailed analytics filters
  • Quizzes & Surveys
  • Export data
  • Automated messages and reminders
  • Learner dashboard



Let Learnster's automation rules do the job

Processes for onboarding and offboarding
Rules and IFTTT (if-this-then-that)
Personalized learning journeys
User provisioning
Allocation to teams and groups
Messages, notifications and reminders

Today, our employees take more ownership of their own skills development.

"Today, our employees take more ownership of their own skills development. Managers have seen a curiosity and drive to learn new skills. They have also become better at identifying individual skills gaps."

Mikaela Ljunggren
Learning & Development Specialist, PE Accounting

The app Learnster U

it's all about U

Bring your learning experiences everywhere! Learn something new on the job, on the bus, or on the break. Every opportunity counts. 

The app Learnster U lets you search information and complete training on the go. Notifications keep you updated on important milestones and upcoming actions.


Learnster's mobile app

Learnster's mobile app is free to download and developed specifically for trainers in Learnster. The app Learnster Nelson makes it easy to plan training sessions, schedule classes and send messages.

Use the app to quickly and easily take attendance and rate your training participants. Everything you do from the app is synced with your trainings and courses in Learnster's LMS.

Phone screens showing Learnsters app in use.
WHAT'S cooking?

New & upcoming features in Learnster's LMS

Learnster's LMS is always in development. Discover the latest updates, releases, and innovations.


Integrate Learnster's LMS with HR platforms and other 3rd party systems

Create your very own ecosystem of HR & L&D technology. Integrate Learnster's LMS with HR platforms and other 3rd party systems.

  • API integrations
  • File-based integrations 
  • Simplified logins through SSO (single sign-on)

Learn more about our integrations with popular HR and HCM systems incl. HiBob, Personio, and BambooHR. We also integrate with the recruitment platform TeamTailor.

Learnster's LMS supports content produced in:

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a win-win situation

You succeed, we succeed!

Benefit from our know-how. We help your organization succeed with Learnster's LMS. 

  • Learning design workshops
  • Content production
  • Integration support