Reliable compliance training

Ensure that your organization complies with regulations, internal policies, industry standards, and CSR guidelines. Leave nothing to chance - with clear and reliable compliance training in Learnster.

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Clarity and reliability - with compliance training in Learnster

Sufficient knowledge across the entire organization

Assign and follow up on training and information. Keep track of the internal knowledge levels.

Company-specific training

Learning material tailored to your organization's unique needs, processes, and day-to-day business.

Make use of external learning resources

Distribute off-the-shelf compliance courses and other externally produced learning resources across the entire organization.

Simplify complex information

Share complex information in an illustrative and easy-to-digest way.

A personalized learning experience

Share relevant training and information based on job role, team, location, or day-to-day tasks.

Remove time-consuming admin

Automate and remove manual admin and repetitive tasks.

Solid processes for knowledge sharing

When it comes to compliance, nothing can be left to chance. Reduce the risk of human error.

Share important information at the point of need

Give your employees quick and easy access to relevant and important information, whenever they need it.

We developed our training programs in close collaboration with Learnster.

"We developed our training programs in close collaboration with Learnster. The team listens actively to our feedback and input on the product roadmap."

Maria Söderberg
Learning & Development Manager, Söderberg & Partners

Powerful tools for reliable compliance training

Customized learning journeys

Share relevant compliance courses and information based on job role, team, location, responsibility, or work process.

Company-specific training - by involving your subject matter experts

Leverage internal knowledge and create learning materials based on your organization's unique needs. Invite your subject matter experts to create, update, or take full ownership of compliance training with Learnster's admin role. The user-friendly authoring tool requires little or no previous course production experience.

User finished Dataprotection course GDPR and downloading compliance certificate in Learnster

Distribute off-the-shelf compliance courses

Distribute your off-the-shelf courses in Learnster. Use as a complement to internally produced compliance training, or as a complete ready-to-use course offering.

A hub for all training (internally and externally produced!)

Build an internal academy and help your employees practice and repeat training. Learnster's catalog function lets you collect and categorize your company's compliance training (both internally produced and off-the-shelf content).

Just-in-time (JIT) learning

Enable learning at the point of need with Learnster Resources. Collect and categorize all your organization's guides, manuals, and documents in one place. Make your learning resources structured and searchable.

Time frames and automated reminders for recertification

Set up time frames and automated reminders to notify your employees when their certifications are about expire and when it is time for retraining.

Follow up on the progress and test the knowledge levels

Ensure that your employees have sufficient knowledge when compliance training is completed. Tests and surveys help you identify potential knowledge gaps.

Issue certificates and diplomas

Learnster's certificates and diplomas prove that your employees have sufficient knowledge to meet relevant legal requirements and industry standards.

Automated processes and reduced admin

Automate admin, repetitive tasks, and processes and reduce the risk of human error. Let Learnster's automation rules do the job!

We are here to help you get started.

"At Learnster, we are here to help you get started. Our processes are designed to support all companies who wish to develop clear and reliable compliance training."

Denise Wolle
Customer Success Manager, Learnster