4 efficiency-boosting benefits of online customer training

Benefits of customer training

Your company's commercial success depends on your customers' ability to understand and see value in your products and services. Long-term, it can drive engagement, loyalty, and upsell opportunities. 

In today's business environment, characterized by hybrid work, tough competition, and tight budgets, training your customers in a smart and efficient way is more important than ever. In this article, we list 4 benefits of digital customer training.

1. Speed up the onboarding of new customers and users

A slow onboarding process is a painful experience for everyone involved. Not only is it time-consuming, but it can also make your products and services seem unnecessarily complicated. 

Using an LMS/learning platform for onboarding comes with plenty of benefits. To improve the learning experience and simplify information, you can use a variety of formats and learning environments (text, images, videos, or online meetings, etc.). You can also distribute the learning materials at certain time intervals, such as onboarding phases or your customers preferred learning pace. It should be easy for your customers to get started! 

2. Boost reach and efficiency with online classes and virtual meetings

Traveling far and wide to train your customers is not particularly sustainable. Neither from a financially, nor environmentally perspective. Meeting your customers face-to-face is of course a powerful form of interaction. But with the pandemic in retrospect, most people have developed an open and positive attitude towards digital alternatives.

So if your customer training does not need to happen on site and in real time, it can be delivered through online classes. Where interaction is required, virtual classrooms, online meetings, or VR (virtual reality) practice environments are excellent alternatives. If your training program involves practical parts, you can share preparatory or supportive learning materials prior to, during, or after this session. 

Online customer training removes travel expenses and caters for larger groups of participants. You can also record your sessions for those who want to recap or catch up at a later time. This format is also excellent for partner training, including resellers and distributors. With the right knowledge, they are better able to sell your solutions and represent your company and brand.

3. Up-to-date and relevant training- by involving product specialists in course production

With a fast-moving business landscape and product roadmap, training and information need to be relevant and always up to date. Even seemingly small changes may have a dramatic impact on your solutions. The devil is in the details. 

Get a clear overview of training by creating and hosting it in a learning platform. With flexible admin roles, you can also invite your product specialists and other experts to create, review, and update learning material and other important documents. Combine texts, images and videos to simplify information and enhance the learning experience.

4. Follow up on training - and ensure certified use (and selling) of your products and services

A completed course does not always mean sufficient knowledge. With online tests and surveys, you can easily identify knowledge gaps, both on a group and individual level. By following up on training, you can ensure certified, safe, and compliant use (and selling) of your products and services.

You can also use the same function to gather customer feedback. These are valuable insights for your customer success team as well as product, sales, and marketing.

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