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Nordic Medcom: "Now we get more out of customer training!"

Nordic Medcom uses Learnster's LMS to deliver training that boosts the customer experience.
Learnster customer case study: Nordic Medcom
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Nordic Medcom is a medical technology company providing dialysis machines to hospitals across the Nordics. Customer relationships are built on trust, quality, service, and a knowledgeable team. The organization provides customer education to improve the customer satisfaction and certify customers.

Emma Nicklasson, Product Specialist at Nordic Medcom
“We use Learnster across a number of different areas, from preparatory training and customer certification to re-training and evaluation.”


Keeping up with innovation and improving customer experience

To keep up with innovation and to improve the customer experience, Nordic Medcom wanted to improve customer education. They required a digital learning platform to provide customers with theoretical training and preparations prior to the practical training sessions. A fresh, digital platform was a natural step in the quest for business growth.


One platform - many learning opportunities

Nordic Medcom uses Learnster's learning platform across a number of different areas. They provide customers with theoretical training and preparation for practical sessions. Learnster is also used to certify customers.

Going forward, the plan is to use Learnster for retraining and recertification, further training, and evaluation.


Learners progress quicker and use training time more efficiently

Nordic Medcom has become better at preparing customers for the practical product training sessions. Learners progress quicker and use training time more efficiently.

By bilding theoretical knowledge beforehand, customers feel more confident at the practical training sessions, which boosts the customer experience.

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