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Being a learning organization is in PE Accounting's DNA

PE Accounting uses Learnster's LMS to create onboarding and skills development that support organizational growth.
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PE Accounting is a SaaS company delivering business systems and professional services. The goal is to give business leaders and finance managers control of the economy. They do this by providing clear, automated and up-to-date information.

The organization is going through rapid growth and has won several prestigious industry awards. Being a learning organization is in PE Accounting’s DNA. They are dependent on curious and knowledge-seeking individuals with self-leadership and a growth mindset.

The employees are a valuable asset, allowing the company to maintain high quality whilst growing. The company values include accountability, curiosity and joy. PE Accounting believes in the individual’s desire to learn and develop. All employees should be on a clear and relevant learning journey. From a strategic standpoint, skills development supports the organization in meeting its targets.

Mikaela Ljunggren, Learning & Development Specialist

Mikaela is responsible for identifying, responding to and following up on PE Accounting’s internal skills needs. She runs the internal knowledge academy PE Academy. As a superuser in Learnster’s LMS, Mikaela builds online courses, compliance training and introductions. She also manages administration, course registrations and updates.


A fast hiring pace in a dynamic business environment

As a young and growing organization, PE Accounting continuously hires new employees. Some are young and start their first “real” job with the company. The goal is a speedy introduction through an up-to-date and relevant onboarding experience. The content and activities should be based on job role and business division. New employees should feel welcome, well-informed and be given clear expectations.

A fast hiring pace makes it challenging to give everyone the same start experience. Especially when it comes to tutor-led training, where start dates and course dates are difficult to time. As a result, the company needed to develop a hybrid model, combining e-learning with tutor-led classes.

Organizational growth creates regular changes within the company. The content and activities in the onboarding process need to be up-to-date, relevant and respond to the organization’s needs. If the content or activities no longer add value, or if the information is outdated, they need to be replaced. In addition, the pandemic and home office makes networking challenging. This makes it difficult to build relationships and grasp the broader organization.

Ambitious skills development goals

Growing in a dynamic business environment puts the company’s skills to the test. PE Accounting’s skills development strategy aims to future-proof the individuals’ and organization’s skill set. All employees should have a sustainable relationship to their job. But, with limited resources, it can be challenging to meet all the individual needs.

There are continuous dialogues between PE Accounting’s People team and line managers. Priorities include meeting individual and organizational skills needs. The aim is to enable knowledge-sharing, reflection and coaching - both on a team level and organizational level.

- "We continuously hire new employees, which makes it challenging to give everyone the same start experience. Especially when it comes to tutor-led training, where start dates and course dates are difficult to time. As a result, we saw the need to develop a hybrid model, combining e-learning with tutor-led classes."

- Mikaela Ljunggren, Learning & Development Specialist, PE Accounting


A personalized onboarding - with reduced admin

The period between contract signing and start date is valuable for building employee engagement. To ensure a positive start for new employees, PE Accounting uses Learnster’s LMS for preboarding. As well as regular contact with line managers, new employees receive a digital introduction through the platform. The purpose is to welcome and prepare them for the first day at work.

The process continues with onboarding at the workplace. On the first day, new employees are welcomed by the team. They get assigned a dedicated buddy, who provides support and coaching throughout the initial few weeks. A digital presentation covers the general company information.

Role-specific courses and compliance training are provided through Learnster’s platform. These are automatically distributed with a set time interval, using Learnster’s automation rules. The employees can provide feedback on the learning experience at any point - directly in the platform.

Both the People team and line managers can follow up on the course progression and individual results in Learnster's platform. They can also gather learner feedback and comments. This helps ensure course completion and that the right information has reached the right person.

An internal academy supporting on-demand learning

Continuous skills development drives employee engagement. This is a well-known fact at PE Accounting, as it plays a key role in attracting, developing and retaining talents. It is the main driver behind the internal knowledge academy PE Academy - a library of both mandatory and optional courses. Since introducing Learnster, PE Academy has greatly improved. The Catalog function has helped make the course offering more accessible. Employees can source knowledge at the point of need, at any time and on any device. The amount of administrative work has reduced thanks to the automation features.

Employees get the opportunity to set personal targets and expectations prior to each course. This information is shared anonymously with the course instructor. The purpose is to customize training based on actual needs and scenarios. This also encourages employees to reflect and take ownership of their own development.

The ambition is to expand the academy going forward. More on-demand courses will be added, based on internal skills analyses and skills mapping. The goal is to fill skills gaps, empower employees and to meet organizational goals.

- "Learnster’s LMS has not only helped us digitalize information. We can also automate the distribution. This helps us ensure that new employees get the information they need and that they are self-sufficient. Learnster’s support team is attentive and we enjoy seeing suggested features go live in the platform."

- Mikaela Ljunggren, Learning & Development Specialist, PE Accounting


A successful onboarding makes employees stay longer

Since introducing Learnster LMS, the onboarding has received a higher rating. With a better understanding of the role, company values and culture, new employees feel more confident. The reality matches the expectations, which builds trust for PE Academy as an employer. Before, line managers provided all information during the onboarding period. Today, parts of this process are automated with Learnster’s rules for automation.

PE Accounting has lowered their staff turnover rate. As a result of an improved onboarding and internal structure, fewer employees resign within the first year. The amount of sick days has also dropped. This saves the organization both time and resources.

Improved knowledge levels and employee engagement with PE Academy

Blended learning creates better opportunities for turning information into knowledge. PE Academy provides online micro learning, tutor-led classes - or a combination of both. In addition, employees can request course repetitions, tests and homework to complete in their own time.

Being able to influence the course content, employees have become more engaged. It has also resulted in a higher course rating by the employees.

Internal mobility - in a more structured way

Today, PE Accounting can provide their employees with the tools to future-proof their skills. PE Academy gives the employees the opportunity to advance within the organization. The transition between selected job roles has become smooth thanks to improved onboarding. With Learnster, PE According can drive internal mobility in a more structured manner.

Reduced admin - more opportunities for follow-up

The need for admin has significantly reduced. Especially tasks related to course registration, calendar invitations, evaluations and signed diplomas. Learnster’s automation rules have also helped automate and simplify workflows.

Line managers have a better insight into the employee's learning journey and can provide better support. It is easier to track results, progression and to gather employee feedback. As a result, it has become easier to identify skill gaps. On an organizational level, this has supported decision-making and prioritization.

- "Since we started working with Learnster, our employees have taken more ownership of their own development. We have noticed a curiosity and drive to learn new skills. Managers have become better at identifying individual skill needs."

- Mikaela Ljunggren, Learning & Development Specialist, PE Accounting

About PE Accounting

PE Accounting’s vision is to transform accounting from a necessary evil into an automized solution for financial management and follow-up. With 140 experts, more than 850 happy customers and 20,000 active users, the company continues to grow and revolutionize the way the world views accounting and finance.

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