How EasyPark built a global learning organization

Take part of practical tips and insights from EasyPark's international journey and how they have established a global learning organization from scratch.

EasyPark Group is the global parking solution provider revolutionizing urban mobility through innovative technology, founded in Sweden 2001. To embrace change and battle competition, EasyPark decided to transition from centralized to peer-to-peer learning on a global scale. Join Klara, and Sonia from the L&D team as they share insights from the beginning and how they scaled up from 20 to over 200 subject matter experts globally to promote knowledge sharing in a cross-functional organization internationally. In this session you will receive actual tips on how your organization can achieve success in the same way.


  • Establishing the Foundation
  • Scaling Globally
  • Insights from a Subject Matter Expert
  • Key Takeaways and Expert Tips
  • Q&A

The webinar is hosted by Marcus Almén, Marketing & Communications Lead at Learnster

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