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Learnster’s 4Ps for a professional preboarding and onboarding

1. A personalized onboarding

There is no one-size-fits-all in the world of preboarding and onboarding. Provide a personalized experience based on individual roles and preferences.

2. A professional onboarding

Avoid confusing emails, post-its and awkward situations in the lunchroom. A professional onboarding serves everyone involved. Create a modern and powerful onboarding experience.

3. A planned onboarding

New hires are a fun and exciting addition to the company. But onboarding new employees usually requires a lot of hard work for everyone involved. Learnster’s automation rules and follow-up functionalities help you streamline the process and save valuable time.

4. A productive onboarding

Creating a balanced workflow can be challenging. While some days can be very intense, others may come with a blank schedule. Distributing new information with an appropriate interval boosts productivity. Use Learnster to create both mandatory and optional courses. A perfect activity for the quieter days.

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Employee Onboarding

Your complete solution for employee onboarding

We have gathered Learnster's key features for effective employee onboarding into one complete solution. It is designed to solve the most pressing challenges that our customers face.

Maximize the business value of Learnster and get a quick start with a fit-for-purpose implementation of the platform.
Case study

SATS’ onboarding delivers strong results

Clear, consistent and fun onboarding in Learnster contributes to improved results and KPIs. Employees are happy and perform beyond expectations.

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