Reduce stress among new employees through successful employee onboarding

Reduced stress with a successful onboarding

Starting your first "real job" can be daunting. Perhaps looking back at your own experience gives you mixed feelings? If so, you can relate to the importance of a successful onboarding first hand. But what does science say about it?

The Karolinska Institute in Stockholm examined the onboarding process of new professionals. The study [1] covered their performance as well as emotions and challenges arising in the first year of employment. The results showed that organizations with effective onboarding programs are more successful than those without. The key is happier employees.

Petter Gustavsson, Author and Psychology Professor says:

The initial period at a new workplace is associated with a steep learning curve, but also stressful moments. This type of stress can have a positive impact on the energy levels and learning. In excess, however, it might lead to lack of recovery and a reduced ability to learn. Many employers are aware of this and provide employee onboarding to ensure the best possible start.

Employees experience "the discomfort of change"

3 main challenges were revealed in the study. Petter Gustavsson calls them "the discomfort of change".

  • Information overload
  • Doubting one's competencies and avoiding asking questions.
  • Feeling lonely

These challenges pass relatively quickly. However, an insufficient can extend period of feeling “the discomfort of change”.

The first 3 months are crucial for a successful onboarding

According to Petter Gustavsson, the first 3 months are crucial for a successful onboarding. During this period, organizations need established goals and strategies for learning, relationship-building, and integration. The study showed that employees who performed well received support such as training and information resources.

Organizations with effective onboarding programs are more successful

Employers also have a lot to gain from a positive employee experience, Petter Gustavsson suggests. International studies show that organizations with effective employee onboarding frameworks are more successful than those without. In contrast, a poor onboarding program can have a detrimental effect on individuals and organizations. New employees risk pushing themselves too hard to perform well and put their best foot forward. This can trigger stress, exhaustion or an early end to the employment.

New onboarding methods required

Although many successful onboarding programs exist today, Petter Gustavsson calls for new methods. Partly to reduce the fear of making mistakes, but also to create more opportunities for recovery.

At Learnster, we know that first impressions last. Whether it is your first job or your twentieth. It is thus crucial to ensure a positive experience from the very start. A personal, effective, and enjoyable onboarding boosts confidence and builds momentum early into the employment.

With Learnster's LMS, you can create powerful learning experiences and make new information easy to digest. Through an internal academy, employees can source information at the point of need. This reduces the risk and fear of making mistakes. Finally, to make your new talent feel welcome and appreciated, personalization goes a long way. All of this is possible with employee onboarding in Learnster.


[1] New Professionals (Nya professionella) - The Karolinska Institute (Petter Gustavsson, Beatrice Agrenius, Elin Frögéli and Ann Rudman)

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