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SATS' onboarding delivers strong results

Clear, consistent and fun onboarding in Learnster boosts results and KPIs. Employees are happy and perform beyond expectations.
Case study: Learnster and SATS onboarding
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SATS is the leading fitness center in the Nordics, with more than 8,500 employees across 150 gyms. The mission To make people healthier and happier motivates the entire organization. 

The ambition is to build a culture based on leadership and self-leadership. The goal is to become an inspiration to others. Employees should feel included and engaged in a warm and welcoming space.

Johan Westberg is Nordic Culture & People Manager at SATS. He is responsible for improving the employee experience - from start (attract me) to finish (exit me). Putting in place various initiatives for learning and engagement, the goal is to attract and retain the best talents. 


Getting everyone on the same page

SATS is on a steady growth journey. With 150 gyms across the Nordics, the plan is to continue the expansion. As a growing organization, with employees across many locations, it is important to align employees with the business goals. Everyone needs to be on the same page.

New and old employees need a strong understanding of the business and the common goal. Clear information around intentions and methods is essential.  

The employees are the heart of the business

SATS' employees are the no. 1 priority. We put our employees first, so that they can put our members first, is one of their core management principles. The organization is dependent on passionate employees to meet its ambitious goals. Learning and development, therefore, play a central role in SATS' business strategy.

Learning interventions need to generate value, without consuming too much time and energy. To support the growing number of employees, SATS needed to develop a centralized knowledge hub and a strong, unifying culture. 

"The larger the organization, the more challenging it becomes to get everyone on the same page. We needed a strong culture and a mutual common." 

- Johan Westberg, Nordic Culture & People Manager, SATS


A successful onboarding makes everyone part of the SATS family

First impressions last. A positive introduction plays a key role in retaining, developing, and motivating employees. SATS' goal is to make everyone feel passionate and part of a bigger purpose.

Onboarding is an essential part of the employee life cycle. SATS uses Learnster's e-learning platform to introduce new employees to organization, culture, and job role. The onboarding process includes introductory courses, self-paced e-learning, and best practices from colleagues. New employees also practice real-life scenarios alongside coaching from managers. The purpose is to make new hires feel like they are part of the SATS family, right from the start.

The onboarding is based on an automated workflow of information, e-learnings, and activities. The reduced need for manual admin makes it easy for team managers to follow up properly.

Automated and customized learning journeys create "one company - one culture"

SATS uses Learnster's automation rules to provide consistent, high-quality training. Everyone gets the same experience, regardless of location or business unit. 

Where local or role-specific training is required, customized learning journeys provide adaptation to better reflect the employee's reality.

Providing similar learning experiences with some local adaptation, SATS is in a strong position to create "one company - one culture".

Learnster - a long-term partner for learning

SATS' onboarding process was developed in collaboration with SATS' People & Culture team and Learnster Customer Success team. As well as practical onboarding tools, Learnster's learning designers continuously provide coaching, tips, and ideas.

"With Learnster's automation rules, we can ensure a similar learning experience for everyone. Learnster's customer success team provides valuable tools, tips and ideas. They are true heroes!

- Johan Westberg, Nordic Culture & People Manager, SATS


Clear expectations improve employee retention

A clear, consistent, and fun onboarding experience in Learnster contributes to improved results and boosted KPIs. 

93% of new employees have a clear understanding of what is expected of them by the end of the onboarding process. Clear expectations are a key factor for happy and productive employees who stay longer.

91% of employees say that they have developed professionally since the start. The same amount (>9 out of 10) feel prepared and comfortable in their new role at the start. 

New employees give SATS an e-NPS of 52 after their first quarter. Onboarding is a strong contributor, as 96% of the employees say they have received a positive first impression of the company.  

New employees improve faster

A successful onboarding does not only benefit employees, but also team managers. A majority find the digital support helpful. They also see faster improvement among new employees.

75% of leaders agree that digital support has helped them provide a positive onboarding experience.

47% of new employees perform beyond their line manager’s in the first quarter.

An attractive workplace - employees return to SATS

Many former employees chose to return to SATS. One possible reason, Johan thinks, is the strong culture, fantastic colleagues, and the important mission: To make people healthier and happier.

"96% of employees get a positive first impression of SATS. New employees perform beyond their manager's expectations."

- Johan Westberg, Nordic Culture and People Manager, SATS

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