Training solutions for

retail and hospitality

Learnster is designed for training in retail and hospitality. It helps general managers, frontline workers, operations professionals, and concept managers solve the most common challenges. 

Boost knowledge, enable just-in-time learning and streamline the day-to-day business with Learnster.

Trusted by industry peers

Boost knowledge and solve the most common challenges in retail and hospitality

Multitasking in a fast-paced environment 

Speed up information search and enable just-in-time learning.

One brand and one experience - across multiple units

Share clear brand guidelines and business concepts.

Ensure local adaptation

Local instructions for the day-to-day business.

Customer experience is your no. 1 priority

Skills development that makes employees grow and give a little extra.

You and your team need to collaborate and act as one unit

Inspiring and easy-to-understand codes of conduct and scenario training.

The first job?

New on the job? Or new to working life? Give new employees a fun and productive start.

No work computer

Deskless learning enables training on the go.

SATS' onboarding delivers strong result‍

Clear, consistent and fun onboarding in Learnster contributes to improved results and KPIs. Employees are happy and perform beyond expectations.

9 out of 10 employees feel prepared and comfortable in their new role. Employees give SATS an e-NPS of 52 in the first quarter.

Learnster's training solutions for retail and hospitality

Efficient preboarding and onboarding

Help new employees hit the ground running. Kickstart the employee journey with efficient preboarding and onboarding. Make a great first impression and reduce the time to contribution.

Knowledge sharing and follow-up - both on central and local level

Combine company-wide brand guidelines with local instructions for the day-to-day business. Follow up on employees' training progress - both on central and local level.

Compliance training, certification, and health & safety 

Make sure employees understand and comply with relevant regulation. Share clear guidelines, follow up on training, and issue certificates upon course completion. Automated workflows and reminders ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

An internal academy

Create a one-stop-shop for training. Give employees easy access to both mandatory and optional courses.

Easy access to all your company's learning resources

Boost productivity with just-in-time learning. Accessible micro-learnings help your employees find the right information, as and when they need it.

Personalized learning journeys

Provide a personalized workflow of learning resources based on role, unit, location or career goal. A perfect tool for management training.

Do you want to develop your employees and boost productivity?

Discover the possibilities in Learnster.