Solution in Learnster for effective employee onboarding

We have gathered Learnster's key features for effective employee onboarding into one complete solution. It is designed to solve the most pressing challenges that our customers face. Maximize the business value of Learnster and get started quickly with a fit-for-purpose implementation of the platform.
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Employee Onboarding

Employee Onboarding

First impressions last. Ensure a positive start for your new employees. From signing the contract and all the way through the crucial first weeks at the workplace.
Learnster's Automation Rules provide automated and customizable learning journeys.

Fully automated and customizable learning journeys

Provide a relevant onboarding experience with Learnster’s Automation Rules. Create customized and fully automated learning journeys based on job role, location or business unit.
Learnster’s integration with the recruitment platform Teamtailor provides automatic invitations for preboarding.

Preboarding with inspiring learning material

Make the most of the time between contract signage and start date by providing your new talent with inspiring learning material. Benefit from Learnster’s integration with the recruitment platform Teamtailor and preboarding invitations through Magic Links.
Learnster's checklists structure courses, activities and other important training.

Checklists provide a clear and structured onboarding process

Learnster’s checklists provide clarity and structure. Find, complete and tick off courses, activities and other important parts of the employee onboarding process.
Test the knowledge levels with Learnster's Quizzes and Surveys.

Test the knowledge levels

Use quizzes and surveys to drive employee engagement and gather valuable feedback. Monitor course progression and encourage two-way communication.
Learnster Teams allows managers to track the onboarding process.

Follow up on individual progress

Learnster Teams allows managers to track employee onboarding and key achievements to help provide better support.
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