LMS Comparison: What sets Learnster apart?

Published on
September 14, 2021

We get it. It is not easy to know exactly what to look for when comparing LMS providers. In this guide, we walk you through the non-negotiables when evaluating LMS solutions and list 6 important criteria that make Learnster stand out to other providers.

1. Turn uploading and processing into smooth drag-n-drop

Turn uploading and processing of SCORM files into a smooth drag-n-drop interface

A majority of the LMS providers on the market do not offer the possibility to create courses, programs and content directly within the platform. Instead, they are merely used for content distribution through SCORM files. Using traditional systems may make content updating cumbersome, slow and complicated. Given the rapid pace of development and the current context of constant change, you need a smooth LMS which allows you to keep up.

Using Learnster, you can create, package and distribute content - all through one platform. Make course creation a breeze through a smooth drag-n-drop interface.

2. Turn headache into euphoria

Turn headache into euphoria

If logging into your LMS makes you fed up straight away, then you know that is time to make the switch. Accelerating your work should be fun, motivating and easy to get started. Ensure you choose a modern and user-friendly platform. Trust us, usability is a true non-negotiable.

At Learnster, we have made user-friendliness a top priority from day one and we work tirelessly to make our platform best in class within its field. Have you found one easier to use than ours? Then do shout. We do love a challenge.

3. Turn 24 months into a few weeks

A fast implementation of Learnster

Developing individuals and organizations is a never ending project - at least for those using a slow, traditional LMS. For all others, there is plenty of time to engage and nurture customers, business partners and employees. Slow and clunky systems require a lot of time and resources - both to set up and maintain.

It is not surprising that larger, more complex organizations require more set-up time. But for those eager to get started, our dedicated team and powerful platform will be running at your pace and not hold you back.

4. Turn “top-down” into “top-down & bottom-up" knowledge sharing

Turn top-down into top-down & bottom-up knowledge sharing

We can not deny the fact that LMS solutions traditionally were hierarchical and non-inclusive HR tools. Many still are today. We get that many course initiatives have to be fed top-down - especially in regulatory compliance and other obligatory, business-critical courses. Still, there are a lot of valuable insights in all parts of the organization, just waiting to be shared bottom-up. One does not exclude the other.

At Learnster, we develop features that enable organizations to benefit from knowledge from across the organization - and not only top-down. Using our course admin rights, subject matter experts from local business units can share their knowledge and contribute to course creation in a simple, intuitive way.

5. Turn corona teaching into post-corona teaching

Schedule virtual classroom sessions in Learnster

Although blended learning is the optimal approach, the pandemic has made physical classroom training and other face-to-face sessions challenging, if not impossible. As a result, the remote work setting has made us more inclined to switch to digital-only. Even though the coronavirus will not be around forever, our digital-first approach is likely to remain.

The Learnster platform allows you to create digital course material as well as schedule virtual classroom sessions for a digital blended learning experience. Using the Learnster Roundtable meeting function, you can host the session directly in the platform or synchronize with external conferencing tools such as Microsoft Teams, Google Meet or Zoom.

6. Turn stick into carrot

Motivate your employees with an internal academy of optional courses

Many of us associate Management by fear with parody series and obnoxious characters. Today’s organizations have a much more modern and realistic approach to management which is based around motivation and creating enthusiasm.

Learnster’s library function enables you to build an academy of both obligatory and voluntary courses. You can motivate your employees by sending individual encouraging notifications upon course progression and completion, using Learnster Actions. Integrating gamification modules into the platform, learning will become enjoyable.

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