LMS Comparison: What sets Learnster apart?

LMS comparison - what sets Learnster apart?

We get it. It is not easy to know exactly what to look for when comparing LMS providers. In this LMS comparison guide, we walk you through the non-negotiables when evaluating LMS solutions. We list 6 important criteria where Learnster's LMS stands out to other providers.

1. Turn uploading and processing into smooth drag-n-drop

Turn uploading and processing of SCORM files into a smooth drag-n-drop interface

A majority of the traditional LMSs do not provide the possibility to create and design course content. Instead, they focus solely on content distribution, usually through SCORM files. Given these circumstances, updating your course material may be cumbersome, slow and complicated. In a fast-moving world, you need an LMS which allows your course material to always be up-to-date.

Learnster's LMS comes with a built-in course authoring tool, which lets you create, package and distribute courses - all through one platform. The smooth drag-n-drop interface makes course creation a breeze.

2. Turn headache into a breeze

Turn headache into euphoria

You should not feel fed up with your LMS. Instead, it should be fun, motivating and easy to get started. Make sure to choose a modern and user-friendly platform. Trust us, usability is a non-negotiable.

At Learnster, user-friendliness is our no.1 priority. We work tirelessly to make our platform best in class within its field. Have you found one easier to use than ours? Then do shout. We do love a challenge!

3. Turn 24 months into a few weeks

A fast implementation of Learnster

Training people and organizations is a never ending story - at least if you are using a traditional LMS. Slow and clunky systems require a lot of time and resources - both to set up and maintain. Working with a modern LMS frees up valuable time nurturing customers, business partners and employees.

Larger, more complex organizations may require some set-up time. But for those eager to get started, our dedicated Customer Success team and powerful LMS will be running at your pace and never hold you back.

4. Turn “top-down” into “top-down & bottom-up" knowledge sharing

Turn top-down into top-down & bottom-up knowledge sharing

The LMS has traditionally been an L&D and HR tool, with little or no involvement from the broader organization. This could prevent organizations from leveraging their internal knowledge.

With Learnster’s various admin roles, you can invite internal subject matter experts to contribute to the course creation process. Give the experts permission to create, update and take ownership of relevant course material - directly in the platform. At Learnster, we refer to this as "top-down & bottom-up" knowledge sharing.

5. Turn corona teaching into post-corona teaching

Schedule virtual classroom sessions in Learnster

The pandemic made physical classroom training and other face-to-face gatherings challenging. Remote and hybrid work made many of us inclined to go digital-only. The pandemic will not be around forever, but our digital-first approach to learning is likely to stay.

Learnster's LMS allows you to combine online courses with virtual classroom training for digital blended learning environments. Using the Learnster Roundtable meeting function, you can host and attend online meetings - directly in the platform. You can also integrate Learnster with external conferencing tools, incl. Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and Zoom.

6. Turn stick into carrot

Motivate your employees with an internal academy of optional courses

Today's organizations have a modern approach to management, based around engagement and motivation.

Learnster's Catalog function lets you build an internal academy of both mandatory training and inspiring courses for skills development. Motivate your employees with individual notifications and recognitions, using Learnster Actions.

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