Learnster acquires AI company Kaspian

Learnster acquires AI company Kaspian
Learnster has acquired Kaspian, a pioneer in AI-based knowledge management. The goal is to reinvent knowledge sharing.

Kaspian was founded in 2021 by Albin Aronsson, Carl Magnus Behm and Daniel Lenksjö. The company has developed an AI-based search engine that helps learning organizations streamline knowledge sharing.

Mikael Larsson, CEO and Co-Founder of Learnster and Albin Aronsson, Co-Founder of Kaspian

"The acquisition of Kaspian is an important step towards our mission: to reinvent the way people and organizations share knowledge. Together with Kaspian's AI technology, we will continue to create new opportunities for everyday learning. In this case, one plus one equals three", says Mikael Larsson, CEO and Co-Founder of Learnster.

"Building Kaspian has been an incredible journey. We are confident that our AI technology has found the perfect home in Learnster's platform. Learnster leads the way in the LMS market and we are convinced that they are the long-term winner", says Albin Aronsson, Co-Founder of Kaspian.

Kaspian has previously raised funding from Silicon Valley-based Rackhouse Ventures, led by ex Head of Data Science at Uber, Kevin Novak. Josefin Landgård, Founder of the Swedish medtech company Kry and skincare brand Mantle, has also invested in Kaspian - both privately and through Niklas Zennström's venture capital firm Atomico.

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