Building a learning organization with Learnster

Playbook: Building a learning culture with Learnster

This playbook aims to provide inspiration and practical tips on how to build a learning organization using Learnster's LMS.

What is a learning organization?

In learning organizations, knowledge is shared across the entire organization. It is a thriving ecosystem where employees learn from each other as part of their daily work. Learning opportunities are initiated top-down, bottom-up, and peer-to-peer. This gives individuals more ownership of their own skills development.

Why a learning organization?

Being a learning organization has gone from nice-to-have to must-have. It contributes to many companies’ competitiveness.

This is because of the 5 following advantages:

1. Organizational resilience

2. Future-proofed skills and knowledge capital

3. Attract, develop, and retain top talent

4. Learning across multiple generations

5. Scaling valuable knowledge

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