Jobfind and Learnster create opportunities for more people to enter the workforce

Commissioned by the Swedish Public Employment Service, Jobfind has launched the labor market training program "Sales and Service," which is based on the curriculum of the National Agency for Education for the corresponding high school program. It covers topics such as commerce, sales, service, and customer interactions. Participants complete the training digitally via Learnster's learning platform, combined with teacher-led lessons and workplace learning with employers.

The purpose is to help people enter the workforce, regardless of their previous experiences or individual conditions. The training has been received with high engagement and has led to great success. Jobfind’s ongoing evaluations show that participants are satisfied with the learning experience and their study results. 99% of the participants have achieved passing grades and experienced clear knowledge development, which has been an advantage later in the workplace-based part of the training and further in their careers.

"It has been fun to be able to follow my learning digitally every day. Plus, without having to delve into a lot of literature. Combined with pleasant classmates, it's a win-win!"

Edib Yosef, former participant in the training.

"It feels incredibly valuable to be able to make a difference both professionally and personally. Especially for those individuals who have been out of the job market for a long time, have disabilities, lack study habits, or are still learning Swedish. The training is easy and fun to get through. Everyone can participate according to their own ability. Participants have gained new knowledge, new career opportunities, and social contexts, and in many cases a job after their 20 days of internship" says Afamia Assia, Training Manager at Jobfind.

Beston Ahman, franchisee at Pressbyrån Huddinge Hospital, adds: "We have offered many internships during the training. It is clear that the participants who come to my store bring with them theoretical knowledge in sales, which I as an employer value. Naturally, this facilitates the internship period, but also the chance for employment at Pressbyrån, or a similar workplace. This initiative helps people enter the job market. The social benefit is clear."

By training digitally, teachers and supervisors can more easily follow up on progress and provide support as needed. The improved insight into progress is also appreciated by the students.

"We are incredibly proud to be able to facilitate such an important project. Making learning accessible creates future opportunities and helps combat social exclusion. This type of social benefit is something we at Learnster are particularly passionate about," says Thomas Kraft, CEO of Learnster.

About Jobfind
Jobfind Sweden AB is part of the Angus Knight Group, a leading education group with offices in over 200 locations in Australia, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Canada, Sweden, and Italy. The group consists of 13 companies focusing on employment efforts, education, and recruitment and staffing. Jobfind is active throughout Sweden, from Kalix in the north to Malmö in the south, and aims to be the leading organization for labor market services. This is achieved through a commitment to good reputation, performance, growth, and expertise. Jobfind is driven to contribute to individual employment, education, and social development.

About Learnster
Learnster develops tomorrow's LMS (learning management system) for learning organizations that want to achieve maximum development in minimal time. With Learnster LMS and Learnster AI you take knowledge sharing to the next level. Innovative technology creates new opportunities for communication and information sharing across the entire organization. Involve subject matter experts in creating everything from microlearning and individual courses to onboarding training and dynamic educational programs. Share with employees, customers, or partners.

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