Learnster & Eletive boost employee engagement

Allan Nygaard Larsen, CRO at Eletive

Allan Nygaard Larsen is the CRO at Eletive, a platform for increasing employee engagement and performance. Allan is passionate about employee engagement and employee wellbeing. We had a chat with him to talk about the connection between skills development and employee engagement.

What is Eletive?

Eletive is a People Success Platform with tools to measure and increase employee engagement and performance. Our intelligent employee surveys, powered by machine learning and AI, ensure that people get the right questions, at the right time. 

Powerful analytics allow HR and L&D professionals to slice and dice the data for valuable insights. Our performance management module includes 1:1 templates and scheduling, OKRs, 360 surveys and other tools that help organizations align around common goals and track goal fulfillment and progress.

Why is employee engagement so important?

When people are happy at work, they do a better job. They become more creative, productive and likely to walk the extra mile. But if they are stressed, that affects every aspect of life. It affects our whole society. Improving wellbeing and employee engagement is so much more than a corporate goal. A world where people are happy, healthy and engaged at work is a better world for everyone!

Tell us more about the connection between skills development and employee engagement! 

Skills development is a fundamental driver behind employee engagement. It is also one of the main drivers measured in our standard question battery, which helps organizations track the satisfaction around growth opportunities. The Eletive surveys also help organization evaluate training initiatives and track progress.


How can I combine Learnster and the Eletive platform to increase employee engagement?

Eletive provides real-time data on the engagement levels in your organization, using intelligent employee surveys with a plug-and-play science-based question battery. The insights help HR and L&D professionals make informed decisions and take appropriate actions. Heat maps and trend charts give an instant overview of organizational needs and areas of improvement, such as the need for internal training. The information can also be used to set individual goals and agendas for skills development strategies.

Eletive has a unique focus on self-leadership, offering each employee an individual dashboard for tracking their experience and engagement levels. Managers and employees get access to actionable, science-based suggested actions, such as training interventions. Insights generated from Eletive can then be used to create tailored training programs in Learnster.

How can our readers get in touch with you to learn more?

Check out our website or book a demo to learn more.

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