Personalize your Teamtailor recruitment process with a Learnster Experience‍

Give yourself - and your future employees - the best possible start on the hiring journey. Add a Learnster Experience to your Teamtailor recruitment process.

Send out knowledge checks for specialist roles early in the cycle. Introduce your company and drive engagement at the job offer stage. Roll out preboarding as soon as the contract has been signed. Finally, follow up with onboarding in Learnster throughout the first crucial weeks.

Start building engagement today by following 4 simple steps:

Recruitment process in Teamtailor

1. Set up and configure your recruitment process in Teamtailor

Set up the Learnster Experience trigger in Teamtailor

2. Add the Learnster Experience trigger to your chosen stages

The Learnster Experience triggers as the candidate moves to the chosen stages in Teamtailor

3. The Learnster Experience triggers as the candidate moves to your chosen stages

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