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Learnster is designed for training in the manufacturing industry. It helps site managers, project managers, manufacturing workers and operations professionals solve the most common challenges.

Boost knowledge, enable just-in-time learning and streamline the day-to-day business with Learnster.

Trusted by industry peers

Boost knowledge and solve the most common challenges in manufacturing

Fast pace and short lead times

Speed up information search and enable just-in-time learning. Regardless if you work from the HQ or production line.

Occupational safety and health is a top priority

Share clear and accessible safety routines and guidelines. Your employees’ health and safety is your top priority.

Strict quality KPIs

Ensure high quality with the right skills and know-how. Avoid unnecessary defects and costly rework.

High expectations of productivity and on-time delivery

Relevant knowledge lets your team work at full capacity. Share practical information on processes, workflows and equipment.

Regular audits and inspections

Reliable compliance training helps your organization pass inspections and regulatory requirements.

Meeting employees expectations and career paths

Keep motivation high and provide opportunities for skills development.

Your supply chain needs specialist knowledge and authorization

External training programs help your distributors, resellers and partners perform better.

Your customers need training and support

Customer training boosts time to adoption, (correct) usage, and overall customer satisfaction.

Today, we can communicate clearly and efficiently with the entire organization.

Learnster enables us to structure and scale both internal and external training programs. We reach a broader audience with the same amount of resources.

Learnster’s user-friendliness - both for learners and admins - is unique and it was on the top of our priority list. We received world class customer service from day one. They have a can-do attitude and the possibilities were demonstrated once we got started with the platform.

Ulf-Peter Åstrand
Global Technical Manager, Mirka

Training solutions for the manufacturing industry

Efficient preboarding and onboarding

Help new employees hit the ground running. Kickstart the employee journey with efficient preboarding and onboarding. Make a great first impression and reduce the time to contribution.

Knowledge sharing and follow-up - both on central and local level

Combine company-wide brand guidelines with local instructions for the day-to-day business. Follow up on employees’ training progress - both on central and local level.

Compliance training, certifications, and health & safety

Make sure employees understand and comply with relevant regulation. Share clear guidelines, follow up on training and issue certifications upon course completion. Automated workflows and reminders ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

An internal academy

Create a one-stop-shop for training. Give employees easy access to both mandatory and optional courses.

Easy access to all your company’s learning resources

Boost productivity with just-in-time learning. Accessible micro-learnings help your employees find the right information, as and when they need it.

Personalized learning journeys

Provide a personalized workflow of learning resources based on role, unit, location or career goal. A perfect tool for management training.

External training for customers and partners

Boost knowledge within your supply chain and customer base. Educated resellers and partners do a better job selling and representing your products. Customer education creates better experiences and reduces the need for 1:1 support.

Do you want to boost knowledge and productivity in your organization?

Discover the possibilities in Learnster.