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Boost Academy makes Svensk Fastighetsförmedling a learning organization

One of Sweden's largest estate agents, Svensk Fastighetsförmedling, uses Learnster to provide everyday learning opportunities and to improve the employee experience.
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Svensk Fastighetsförmedling provides private and commercial properties as well as land and farms across Sweden. With more than 1,200 employees across 230 branches in 225 locations, there are many different skills needs in the organization.

The ambition is to create seamless, everyday learning opportunities associated with individual career goals and the day-to-day work.

Malin Silander, Head of People & Culture, Svensk Fastighetsförmedling
"We see a future in digital on-demand training as part of the daily work."


Encouraging self-directed learning

Learning and development are central to Svensk Fastighetsförmedling. Alongside classroom training, they required digital, bite-sized learning resources that better suit individual skills needs and work schedules. The goal was to encourages self-directed learning and learning at the point of need.

"It should be easy to source knowledge - both at work and on the go."

Malin Silander, Head of People & Culture

Becoming an attractive employer

Providing meaningful opportunities for skills development is a key trait of an attractive employer. Career development is one of the main motivators of employees. It is often more important than salaries and job titles.


Boost Academy creates seamless everyday learning

The organization uses Learnster to launch Boost Academy, an internal knowledge academy with courses, informative videos, and other bite-sized learning resources. It is the company's go-to hub for training, retraining, and getting into the right "mode" prior to house viewings.

Boost Academy is also integrated with the internal business system to enable seamless learning whenever you need it.

"Boost Academy lets our employees train, retrain and get into the right 'mode' prior to house viewings. It includes simple courses and informative videos."

Malin Silander, Head of People & Culture

User-friendliness - for everyone involved

To achieve its ambitious business goals, Svensk Fastighetsförmedling required innovation and user-friendliness for everyone involved. Learnster's LMS has user-friendly interfaces for learners, admins, course designers, and subject matter experts alike.

"With an exciting product roadmap, Learnster's LMS is always developing. The team has great industry know-how and we have received great customer support. Learnster is our business partner and enables us to grow as an organization."

Malin Silander, Head of People & Culture


Better learning on the go

Boost Academy has made it easier for employees to search and retrieve relevant learning resources anytime, anywhere.

An attractive employer - with better skills development

Better opportunities for skills development have received excellent feedback from employees. They are pleased with both the point-of-need learning as well as training programs for career development.

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