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Consistent training for a consistent brand at Panini Internazionale

The restaurant chain Panini Internazionale uses Learnster's LMS to deliver consistent training for a consistent food and brand concept.
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For more than 30 years, Panini Internazionale has served healthy and delicious food and maintained a strong brand identity. The business consists of 26 lunch shops and many products are being prepared on site.

Panini Internazionale’s unique concept is built on a passion for good food, natural ingredients, wellness, and sustainability. They never compromise on quality, which is how the business builds trust among their customers.


One consistent food and brand concept across many locations

Customers who visit any of the Panini lunch shops should expect the same quality of food and brand experience. Brand recognition is a vital part of gaining loyalty and attracting regular customers. Having Site Managers deliver training may come with the risk of using different information in different ways. This may, in turn have a negative impact on the brand consistency.

Training and motivating new, temporary, and rotating employees

New, temporary and rotating staff are very common on the hospitality industry. All employees learn fast and get up to speed with the day-to-day business.

A fast-paced and always-changing work environment

The hospitality industry is characterized by a fast pace, high pressure and quick decisions. Also work methods change fast to always stay ahead of competition and deliver the best possible customer experience.


Consistent training for a consistent food and brand concept

Panini Internazionale uses Learnster’s LMS to deliver onboarding and training to all of their employees. Online courses help ensure that everyone gets the same information, at the same time. In other words, Panini Internazionale can ensure a consistent learning experience with consistent results.

Learning resources at the point of need

With Learnster Resources, Panini Internazionale make all usefull learning resources structured, searchable, and accessible. This includes manuals and important information around the food, ingredients, business philosophy, and how to respond to customer inquiries.

User-friendly authoring tool facilitates course production (and updating!)

With Learnster’s user-friendly authoring tool, new and updates courses are published regularly. The employees often find new, creative ways to prepare ingredients or to store foods for freshness. Once an improvement is made, Panini Internazionale adds the new routine to the training program.


High customer loyalty: 96% of customers return to Panini Internazionale

The latest customer survey showed that 960 out of our 1000 customers had shopped with Panini Internazionale before in the past month. In other words, they have 96% regular customers.

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