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Omnicom lowered the barriers to collective learning

Omnicom uses Learnster's LMS to deliver successful employee and customer training.
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Omnicom Media Group Sweden is a media agency group with more than 250 employees across the country. Success is built on collaboration and being at the forefront of innovation.

Johanna Nordström, HR Director at Omnicom
"As a knowledge provider in our industry, we partner with our customers through formalized training in Learnster."


Meeting employee expectations of skills development

Employees at Omnicom are curious about the media industry and keen to develop their skills and careers. To meet their expectations and to keep the motivation high, they looked for ways to structure and invest in training. The ambition is to provide all employees with a clear and relevant learning journey.

Aligning skills with the business strategy

From a business strategy perspective, skills development and change management support Omnicom's capacity to meet their goals. There was also a need to structure and manage internal knowledge and structural capital. User-friendliness was therefore a top priority when looking for LMS platforms.

Forming partnerships with customers through training

As a knowledge provider and expert within the media and communication industry, Omnicom wants to form partnerships with customers through formalized training.


User-friendly course authoring tool

The user-friendly authoring tool in Learnster's LMS helps employees produce courses and share knowledge in a formalized way. Even those who may not have previous LMS or training experience.

"Learnster is the most user-friendly platform on the market."

- Johanna Nordström, HR Director, Omnicom

A customized implementation process

Omnicom shaped the implementation process together with Learnster's Customer Success team to suit their individual needs and timeframes. Gradually testing new things and learning about the platform were important parts of the process.


Lowered barriers to collective learning

The user-friendliness of Learnster has helped employees share information with the entire organization. Creating courses and completing training have become a natural part of the day-to-day work.

Structured internal knowledge and structural capital

Producing and publishing learning material in Learnster, Omnicom has become better at structuring and delivering know-how and structural capital.

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