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New employees improve faster at Lavendla

Lavendla uses Learnster's LMS to improve certificate courses. Training has become more efficient and new employees improve faster.
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Lavendla Funeral Home provides online funeral solutions and coordination. Family and relatives get advice and support from funeral advisors and solicitors online. Personal support is one of Lavendla's core values. Their mission is to take some of the burden off their customers during the difficult circumstances - without compromising on the quality and the personal touch.

Marie ”Majsan” Sandström, Employee Training Manager at Lavendla
"We no longer need to repeat training each time a new program starts. We can gather all internal knowledge and have it available in Learnster."


Employees experienced information overload

To become a certified funeral advisor, new employees had to complete two intense days of classroom training. But the short time frame and information-dense program proved challenging. Employees found it difficult to digest and retain the amount of new information.

Preparing recurring training became too time-consuming

Lavendla hosts four certificate programs per year. Preparing these programs consumed too much time and resources. To avoid constant repetition, Lavendla looked for ways to scale training and reduce preparation and admin.


Online training boosts capacity and let employees learn at their own pace

By digitalizing the theoretical parts of the certificate program, more participants to join. New employees no longer need to travel to take part in training. Instead, they can log into Learnster and join digitally. Online training let employees complete the theoretical parts of the program at their own pace.


Better preparation for the practical sessions

As new employees complete the theoretical training online, they come better prepared for the practical training sessions. The practical tasks are completed more confidently, whilst time is used more efficiently.

New employees improve faster

New employees have become better at applying the theoretical knowledge onto real life scenarios. As training has become more efficient, new employees improve faster.

Better quality control

Online training helps Lavendla ensure that everyone gets the same information and the same experience, regardless of where or when new employees start.

Saved time and resources

By scaling training and using practical sessions more efficiently, Lavendla has become more efficient. New employees improve faster. Combined, it helps Lavendla save time and resources.

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