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Improved knowledge at Lavendla

Lavendla uses Learnster's LMS to improve and personalize internal training.
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Lavendla digitalizes the funeral industry by offering funeral solutions and coordination online. Instead of contacting a physical funeral director, family and relatives can get advice from Lavendla's funeral advisors and solicitors online.

Personal support is one of Lavendla's core values. The organization has come a long way in revolutionizing the funeral industry. The purpose is to take some of the burden off their customers during difficult times, without compromising on the quality and the personal touch.

Marie ”Majsan” Sandström, Employee Training Manager at Lavendla
"With Learnster's LMS, we no longer need to repeat classes each time a new we start a new training program. Now we can leverage internal knowledge and have all know-how available in Learnster. It is fantastic!"

What did you look for in a platform?

We used to offer our new employees a two-day induction of classroom training. The short time frame and information dense program proved challenging for the new joiners. So we decided to look for digital alternatives where employees could absorb the theoretical parts at their own pace. As we host four training occasions per year, we also wanted to find ways in which we could scale our expertise to avoid constant repetition.  

How do you use Learnster today?

We use Learnster to make important knowledge more accessible, which creates opportunities for online participants to join our courses. We get a good overview of the information distribution at each course, which makes it easy to ensure that everyone gets access to the same information.

By building up theoretical knowledge digitally, we are also able to reduce practical training time and become more efficient which, in turn, saves our company and staff valuable time and resources.

Going forward, our ambition is to extend our course offering by introducing onboarding programs, videos and recorded lectures.

What benefits have you seen?

We have seen an improved level of knowledge at our practical learning sessions. The participants are also better at applying the theoretical knowledge onto real life scenarios. Overall, everyone gets up to speed quicker, training has become more efficient and knowledge is scalable. It has been a real game changer!

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