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Friends: “Our goal is to create a world where children and youth are safe”

Learnster helps Friends to scale and improve their training programs and reach more people.
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Friends provides adults with practical and research-based tools to prevent bullying among children and youth. The work is divided into four main pillars: research, education, consultation and opinion building. The non-profit organization shares information, tools and support on anti-bullying with schools, pre-schools, sports clubs and online. The goal is to create a world where children and youth are safe.

Marie Ahlén, Digital Development Manager at Friends
"We wanted to provide our external audience with a fresh and user-friendly learning experience."

What did you look for in a platform?

Having delivered courses primarily face-to-face, we looked for ways to make knowledge sharing more efficient - without necessarily increasing the number of staff. By providing preparatory and theoretical learnings beforehand, our goal was to make our physical meetings more efficient, discussion-oriented and focussed around the school’s unique situation and needs. We wanted to provide a fresh and user-friendly learning experience.

What results have you seen?

Using Learnster, we are now able to provide collegial learning, which means that schools can work with our material without us being on site. The schools take ownership of their anti-bullying activities while we at Friends are able to provide better guiding and support where needed. Learnster helps us tailor our material to make it more relevant. So far we have only received good feedback.

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