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IT & tech

Learnster is designed for training in IT and tech companies. The platform helps Project Managers, Software Engineers, Product Owners, CTOs, and Customer Success Managers solve their most common challenges. Enable better knowledge sharing and learning at the point of need, and keep your company at the forefront of innovation.

Trusted by industry peers

Boost knowledge - solve the most common challenges in IT & tech

Your company is growing

Give all new employees the same, positive onboarding experience.

Ambitious product roadmap with regular updates

Update the organization on new technologies, developments, and releases.

Meeting employees' expectations and career goals

Keep motivation high and provide opportunities for skills development.

Data security is a top priority

Share clear and accessible data protection policies and compliance guidelines.

Collaboration across multiple teams and locations

Share both general company information and local knowledge for individual teams and locations.

An ever-changing business landscape

Ensure that internal knowledge is up to date with innovation and the latest industry developments.

Your resellers and partners need technical knowledge and authorization

Effective external training helps your resellers and partners better represent and sell your solutions.

Your customers need training and support

Customer training boosts time to adoption, (correct) usage, and overall experience.

We can easily launch new training programs and track learning progress.

"At Avensia, we build our success on skills in modern commerce, the business landscape, and our customers. We use Learnster to create an internal academy for our 300+ employees. We also use Learnster to preboard and onboard new employees across different countries, with customized learning material.

Today, we can easily launch new training programs and track learning progress and results. We develop our course offering based on the data."

Jesper Goudoulakis
Director of Development, Avensia

The right training tools for IT and tech companies

Involve your organization's subject matter experts in training

Let the experts teach. Invite your subject matter experts to contribute to, or take full ownership of, training. Dedicated admin roles and the user-friendly authoring tool makes course production a breeze.

Knowledge sharing and follow-up - both on central and local level

Combine general company information with instructions on local practices. Follow up on your employees’ training progress - both on central and local level.

Personalized learning journeys

Provide a personalized workflow of learning resources based on role, unit, location, or career goal. 

Onboard more employees faster

Provide a fun and productive start - even when more employees join at the same time. Automated workflows ensure that everyone gets the same positive onboarding experience.

Internal academy

Create a one-stop-shop for training. Give employees easy access to both mandatory training and optional courses for career development.

Easy access to all your company's learning resources

Automate admin and repetitive tasks.

Boost organizational resilience

Upskill your employees and help them adapt to new work methods.

External training for your customers and partners

Boost knowledge among your resellers, partners, and customers. Educated resellers and partners do a better job selling and representing your products. Customer education creates better experiences and reduces the need for 1:1 support.

Do you want to keep your organization at the forefront of innovation?

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