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Learnster develops the LMS of tomorrow for learning organizations. Learnster's cutting-edge technology creates new, efficient ways of sharing information and knowledge with the entire organization. Save valuable time with Learnster’s smart Automation Rules. The revolutionary Knowledge Gap AI pinpoints individual learning priorities.

Today, employees take more ownership of their own skills development.

"Today, employees take more ownership of their own skills development. Managers have seen a curiosity and drive to learn new skills. They have also become better at identifying individual skills gaps."

Mikaela Ljunggren
Learning & Development Specialist, PE Accounting
Knowledge sharing in 4 steps

Involve, Create, Package, Share!

Involve subject matter experts in creating everything from micro learnings and single courses, to onboarding schemes and dynamic training programs. Share with employees, customers and partners.

1. Involve your subject matter experts

Encourage knowledge sharing! Invite your subject matter experts to create, update, or take ownership of training material.

2. Create content - directly in Learnster

Create content with simple drag-n-drop. Either completely from scratch, or through course templates.

3. Package for impact

Choose how you want to share knowledge. Package into online courses, virtual or physical classroom training, or microlearning. Or why not a combination of all?

4. Share with the right people, at the right time

Share knowledge with the right people, at the right time. Create personalized learning journeys and curated academies.

Get the insights you need

Admin analytics dashboard
Detailed analytics filters
Quizzes & Surveys
Export data
Automated messages and reminders
Learner dashboard
Use cases
Build a learning organization

Encourage knowledge sharing! Leverage and scale internal knowledge and give employees ownership of their own skills development.

Effective employee onboarding

Provide a speedy and positive introduction. Efficient onboarding helps new employees get up to speed. Boost the motivation and the productivity!

Reliable compliance training

Ensure compliance with legal requirements, best practices, and business ethics guidelines.

Profitable customer education

Boost the knowledge of your products and services - and improve the customer experience. Provide customer education that reduces support tickets and boosts customer satisfaction, retention, and usage.

Impactful volunteer training

Make volunteer training fun, simple, and inspiring! Boost knowledge and build long-term engagement.

Why choose Learnster's LMS?

  • User-friendliness is our top priority (for both learners and admins!)
  • Create, package and share - all in the same platform
  • Involve subject matter experts
  • Encourage self-directed learning
  • Use blended learning environments
  • Reduce time-consuming admin with automation
  • Statistics and follow-up
  • A one-stop shop for learning 
  • Customer support by real people 
  • Fast and easy implementation


Integrate Learnster's LMS with HR tools and other 3rd-party systems

  • API integrations
  • File-based integrations
  • Simplified logins through SSO (single sign-on)

Learn how to integrate Learnster's LMS with HR platforms and other 3rd-party systems, including Teamtailor, HiBob, Personio, BambooHR, and many more.

We help you get started with clear and efficient onboarding.

"We help you get started with clear and efficient onboarding. Learnster's processes support companies that want to become learning organizations."

Denise Wolle
Customer Success Manager, Learnster

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