Solutions in Learnster for building a learning organization

We have gathered key features for building a learning organization into 5 solutions. These solutions are directly linked with the most common challenges that our customers face. Maximize the business value of Learnster and get started quickly with the platform with a fit-for-purpose implementation of the platform.
Learnster Knowledge Repository solution icon
Learnster's Knowledge Repository lets your organization manage the internal knowledge capital. Distribute internal know-how in a searchable and structured way.
Learnster Learning Portal solution icon
Learnster's Learning Portal provides a one-stop-shop for both in-house training and external, off-the-shelf courses.
Learnster Customized Learning Journeys solution icon
Customized Learning Journeys create individual learning opportunities for for each employee.
Learnster Self-Driven Development solution icon
Self-Driven Development encourages your learners to take ownership of their own development. Benefit from Learnster's inspiring course catalog.
Learnster Decentralized Learning solution icon
Decentralized Learning allows you to share both general company information and local knowledge. Follow up on HQ, department or team level.

Knowledge Repository

Studies show that workers spend up to 20% of their time searching for information. Learnster enables you to distribute internal knowledge in an accessible, searchable and structured way.
Organize and categorize videos, documents and course snippets with Learnster Resources.

Organize more than just courses

Learnster Resources allows you to organize and categorize videos, documents and course snippets for quick and easy information sourcing at the point of need. Browse learning material or use the global search function to source relevant know-how.

Learning Portal

Let Learnster become your organization’s hub for education! Combine internally produced courses with external, off-the-shelf courses. Build a learning organization with a rich variety of learning resources.
Distribute SCORM compliant course packages in Learnster.

Distribute SCORM files

Distribute SCORM compliant course packages.
Access off-the-shelf courses from Open Sesame directly in Learnster.

Access off-the-shelf courses from Open Sesame

Access hundreds of comprehensive off-the-shelf courses from Open Sesame - directly in Learnster.
Learnster’s Catalog function creates a one-stop-shop for all in-house training.

All in-house training in one place

Use Learnster’s catalog function to create a one-stop-shop for all in-house training and internally produced courses.
Log history of external courses in Learnster.

Log external course history in Learnster

Record external course completion as part of your learners' course history. Get a complete overview of your organization and its employees’ learning journeys.

Customized Learning Journeys

Continuous skills development plays a key role in attracting, developing and retaining talents. Learnster provides the right tools to create customized learning journeys, which are key to learning organizations.
Learnster's Automation Rules provide automated and customizable learning journeys.

Fully automated and customizable learning journeys

Provide individual learning journeys with Learnster’s Automation Rules. Create tailored and fully automated course workflows based on job role, business unit and career goal whilst keeping the administration to a minimum.
Customize the distribution and cadence of courses with Learnster Self-Paced Learning.

Training and skills development on your employees' conditions

Customize the distribution and cadence of learning material based on individual preference, work schedule and learning pace. With Learnster, you can provide training and skills development on your employees' conditions.

Self-Driven Development

Build a learning organization by empowering your employees to take ownership of their development. Initiate individual learning opportunities.
Learnster's peer-to-peer course recommendations allow learners to share courses with each other.

Peer-to-peer course recommendations

Encourage individual learning initiatives and viral knowledge sharing through peer-to-peer course recommendations. Allow your learners to share courses with both internal and external users.

Categorized and searchable learning materials

Categorize learning materials through Learnster’s Catalog function. A searchable course library helps your learners find the right learning materials.
Customize your internal academy with Learnster's My Academy.

Customizable descriptions to your knowledge academy

With Learnster’s My Academy, you can add customized descriptions to your academy. Include culture and brand elements such as company background, purpose and company manifesto.
Build an internal knowledge academy of optional courses with Learnster Catalog.

Build an internal knowledge academy

Build an internal knowledge academy of optional courses. Accessible learning materials encourage self-driven development.

Decentralized Learning

Many organizations consist of multiple local, independent units or branches. The headquarter’s goal is to deliver company information and brand guidelines across the entire organization. On a branch level, training needs to reflect the local day-to-day operation. With Learnster, you can combine central and local training within the same platform. A great asset when building a learning organization.
Reuse and customize existing course material in Learnster.

Reuse and customize existing course material

Create standardized course templates and add local customization. Learnster enables you to reuse and customize existing course material.
Learnster’s admin roles allow you to delegate training responsibilities to the broader organization.

Delegate responsibilities and involve the entire organization

Use Learnster’s admin roles to delegate training responsibilities to the broader organization. Invite department heads, site managers and subject matter experts to take ownership of training and follow-up. Leverage internal, local knowledge.
Learnster Teams lets managers track learners' individual results and course progression.

Follow up on individual progression and results

Learnster Teams allows department heads and site managers to access employee results and course progression. Use this insight to provide better coaching and support.
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