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Happier employees at O'Learys

O'Learys uses Learnster's LMS to boost employee engagement and provide opportunities for skills development.
Learnster case study: O'Learys
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O'Learys is sports and event restaurants in the style of a Bostonian neighborhood bar. They offer a complete experience with a combination of sports, American food, a well-defined environment, and a friendly atmosphere with music and other forms of entertainment. The concept is targeted at a wide range of customers, both private individuals and business people.

Johan Larsson, Global Training Manager, O’Learys
"Learnster creates new ways of training and interacting with our employees."


Attracting and retaining talent

Lack of skills development is one of the main reasons employees leave. Attracting and retaining talent require more than high salaries and flashy job titles. This is backed by many recent studies, such as this one by LinkedIn.

For restaurant chain O'Learys, employee experience is a top priority. With thousands of employees worldwide, meeting the skills development needs was challenging. It was therefore crucial to find the right LMS with a high capacity.


Personalized learning journeys

O'Learys uses Learnster's automation rules to build personalized learning journeys based on role, unit, or location, etc. They allow the L&D team to provide the right learning material to the right people, at the right time.

Training on the go

With the flexible learner interface Learnster U, employees can access courses on any device. It enables deskless learning and training on the go.

With Learnster, we reach higher skills levels in shorter time. The flexible interface enables our employees to access courses on any device, anywhere.

We chose Learnster because of its innovative and user-friendly technology.

Johan Larsson, Global Training Manager, O'Learys


Increased employee engagement

By providing personalized opportunities for skills development, O'Learys has noticed increased employee engagement.

Employees improve faster

Personalized learning journeys also improves the learning experience. Employees at O'Learys reach higher skill levels within shorter timeframes.

User-friendliness and automation save valuable time

Learnster's automation rules reduce admin and repetitive tasks, which save valuable time and resources.

With the user-friendly learner interface, employees spend less time completing courses.

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