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Improved employee onboarding at Doktor.se

Tailored onboarding experiences and opportunities for skills development
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Doktor.se is a Swedish e-health company helping patients find, book and access the best healthcare. With a digital DNA and extensive team of doctors, nurses, psychologists and midwives, the company is transforming the healthcare sector.

- Gabriella Svan, Senior Project Manager, Doktor.se
"We have improved employee onboarding and our ability to evaluate course progression, individual results, and areas of improvement. We are happy to see such improved employee engagement!"


A growing organization with many new employees

Doktor.se is going through a huge growth phase with both online and physical practices across the country. New employees join the organization frequently. It is therefore important to ensure quality and alignment in the onboarding process.


Personalized learning journeys ensure a relevant onboarding experience

With Learnster's automation rules, Doktor.se can package courses based on job roles and distribute them as part of the employee onboarding. Employees access only relevant courses and learning material.

"Online courses are a great source of learning and Learnster's platform ticks all the boxes."

- Gabriella Svan, Senior Project Manager, Doktor.se

Self-paced learning provides flexibility

Learnster enables new employees to complete training at their own pace and based on their individual work conditions. Through the internal academy, employees can access optional training to complete in their own time.


Improved onboarding and a relevant learning experience

Doktor.se has improved employee onboarding by providing relevant learning experiences. New employees can compete training according to their hectic work schedules.

Better insight and follow-up

With onboarding in Learnster, admins get better insight. They are better able to track and follow up on individual progress and course results.

Less admin - more quality support

Self-paced learning frees up valuable time for Doktor.se's course instructors who, in turn, can provide support where it actually needed.

Engaged employees

The onboarding in Learnster has been well-received. Employees are engaged and give ideas and feedback on future initiatives and improvements.

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