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Learning is gaming at Aditro Logistics

Learnster's LMS helps Aditro Logistics turn their learning culture into everyday practice.
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At Aditro, the organizational focus is customer satisfaction and how all employees can contribute. In order to succeed, the organization needs to remove all potential distractions and bottlenecks. All employees should feel involved and empowered to make a difference. The organization believed in self-leadership and accountability.

Continuous learning, listening and collaboration are important parts of Aditro's culture. The goal is to visualize the effect of each decision - preferably in real time.

Göran Eliasson, Head of Operational Risk, Aditro Logistics
"We are at the beginning of our journey - but thanks to Learnster we will get there faster and achieve better results."

What did you look for in an LMS?

Aditro Logistics is an extremely operative organization with lots of dedication and willingness to learn. We required the ability to continuously improve our environment and day-to-day work. We want everyone to be onboard and contribute to change.

It is easy to update a work manual, but it is the nurturing of organizational behavior that is the real challenge. To create a learning organization, we required a platform like Learnster, which promotes continuous development and thereby success.

How do you use Learnster's LMS?

First of all: we hire great people. We believe that everyone wants improve, do good and create a better everyday life - both on a professional and personal level. It is up to us to demonstrate how to achieve this together with Aditro. Learnster is our enabler, which turns our learning culture into everyday practice.

What benefits have you seen?

Some work is still in progress, but we have a very clear vision. Our foundation combines coaching and gamification. Learnster and our employees’ needs will help shape the result and improve it to perfection. We are at the beginning of our journey - but thanks to Learnster we will get there faster and achieve better results.

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